What is covered in your quote?

I always keep it simple with an all in one pricing for the first year.  No surprises.

  • 12 months of hosting and email support (Only if the Quote is over $500)
  • Design and creation process
  • Domain transfer or renewal*
  • Setup and structure
  • WordPress installation and setup (this gives you access to edit your website)
  • Basic textually edit for the first year
  • All the work to give you a complete website

What happens after the first year?

  • Edits are done by the minute.  If it takes 10 minutes to change something the bill is only $10.  Some places always charge by the hour which can be very costly.  I keep it simple and affordable.
  • Hosting for the year is $200 or $20 per month.*

How much do you charge for new domain names?

  • At this time, pricing varys based on the domain name, starting at $20.50 per year and goes up to $39.95.*

How much do you charge for Hosting?

  • At this time, $200 per year or $20 per month.

I have updates I want done, how can I get them over to you?

Easy, you can email them, call, text, or come in the office.  I am flexible.

It has been three or four years since my website was created, how much does it cost to redo the website to today’s standards?

Not as much as the original website I created for you.  You are my client and I always take care of you.  It is important to re-do your website every 2 to 3 years to keep up with Google and the big players because they are always reinventing the way things work.  Plus, websites are an advertising expense which is usually always a tax write off.  As it is a means of bringing new customers.

Do you offer Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, I always keep that in mind when I am designing your website.  You may want us to help you create Google Ads to really drive home some business.

I don’t have any good pictures to give you for the website, can you come out to take pictures?

Yes, I can price will vary based on your location.  See my hourly onsite fee schedule.  I take around 50 photos to work with.  In some cases I have already factored that it in to the quote.

*Pricing may vary based the quote or agreement. Also, domain name extensions have different prices.