22 Mar 2013

Scams from around the World – called me.

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Ok, I was kinda frustrated to get a virus on my PC today.  Of course I cleaned it up quickly and delayed me.  Here is the kicker – I get a call 2 hours after I got the virus off my computer some guy named Matthew Gomes from South East Asia asking me if my computer was slow and if I was having trouble today.  So…. I played along and recorded the conversation, I have it attached a below… It is long as he was rather persistent.  Keep in mind this is a scam – I know all about these, once you let them on your computer they can access anything!  BE CAREFUL.  Listen closely to my conversation, I don’t mean to be a smart ass on the call but, really calling me of all people…..  More details for Google to pick up on – Called from 583-698-2547 he said he was calling from South East Asia from a company called PC Wizards aka  https://www.onlinepcwizards.com (I went to Whois this website – it has no info – kinda scary) he wanted me to go www.ammyy.com (location Russia) (whois – doesnt know either).  Also, 800 878

Phone Recording Of The Whole Thing     




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