04 May 2012

Ran CCleaner and Messed Up my background

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After using a third-party cache cleaning tool such as CCleaner, the Bing Dynamic Theme icon may be displayed in black color in the Personalize window, and desktop backgrounds don’t appear.

This happens if the “Enclosure” folder, present under the Temporary Internet Files folder is cleared. The “Enclosure” folder is where the Bing Dynamic wallpapers are stored, under a sub-directory with random GUID name. This was reported in CCleaner forums and an appropriate workaround has been posted. Until this issue gets fixed in newer builds, you may add the following folder path to the Exclude items listing in CCleaner settings:

C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\enclosure

Note: Clearing the cache using Internet Options in IE doesn’t wipe off the “Enclosure” folder.

Resetting the Bing Dynamic Theme

Next, to make the Bing Theme functioning again, delete the Bing Dynamic Theme’s feed located at:


Delete the following Feed-MS file:


Right-click Desktop, click Personalize

Select a different theme (for example, the “Windows 7” Aero theme)

Reselect Bing Dynamic and click “Download Attachments” in the Subscribe window that appears.

It should now download the wallpapers into a sub-folder (random GUID) under the “Enclosure” directory, and the Desktop Backgrounds should display/shuffle automatically.

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