Computer Repair Manchester NH

Matthew’s Computer Company is known for providing excellent computer repair Manchester, NH. We specialize in both home and business computer solutions. We also provide professional website design and hosting at a competitive price. Our very popular service is remote support which is secure and affordable. From virus removal to formatting a Word document we have you covered. Matthew Higgins is the owner of MCC-WEB. Computers are his passion and his vision is to help everyone. With over 15 years of experience in websites, programming in 11 different languages, pc repair, database programming, SEO, application support, tutoring, and the ability to be very patience. He has serviced companies large and small, even government projects with such a mixed blend of clients to understand how all businesses work and can help your company improve through technology.

Our Mission Statement:

Computer Repair Manchester NH

Computer Repair Manchester NH

To provide professional, affordable computer solutions to small businesses, and to do so in the simplest and most straight forward way possible.


Since 1999, MCC-WEB has been creating quality, customized websites for our clients. Our commitment to excellent services and products has helped us grow exponentially and become a leading provider of small business computer solutions.
We are professionals with years of experience in the following areas:

  • Website Design – Custom work using html, asp, vb, sql, photoshop, illustrator, you name it.
  • Remote Support – Any computer anywhere that is connected to the internet. I can help!
  • Search Engine Optimization – People pay big bucks to be on the front page – saves me $700 /mo.
  • E-commerce and Online Marketing – Facebook, MySpace, Banners, Bing, Excite, Ask, ect.
  • Creating Flash Movies and Flash Online Product Demos (Computer Repair Manchester NH)
  • Web and Email Hosting – From getting a special email like to just hosting.
  • Troubleshooting and Tech Support – You name it – Matt can do it.
  • Tutoring and Training – Need help with Word or Outlook, Matt can tutor you anywhere via Remote Support
  • Network Creation and Administration – Matt can manage your server remotely.
  • PC Upgrades and Repairs – Need Matt to come out to your home or business – No problem.
  • Custom-built Computers – For those people who love there hardware, Matt has just the thing!

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