About Us

Our Mission Statement:

To provide professional, affordable computer solutions to small businesses, and to do so in the simplest and most straight forward way possible.


Since 1999, MCC-WEB has been creating quality, customized websites for our clients. Our commitment to excellent services and products has helped us grow exponentially and become a leading provider of small business computer solutions.

We are professionals with years of experience in the following areas:

  • Website Design – Custom work using html, asp, vb, sql, photoshop, illustrator, you name it.
  • Remote Support – Any computer anywhere that is connected to the internet. I can help!
  • Search Engine Optimization – People pay big bucks to be on the front page
  • E-commerce and Online Marketing – Facebook, MySpace, Banners, Bing, Excite, Ask, ect.
  • Creating Movies and Online Product Demos
  • Web and Email Hosting – From getting a special email like m@tthiggins.com to just hosting.
  • Troubleshooting and Tech Support – You name it – Matt can do it.
  • Tutoring and Training – Need help with Word or Outlook, Matt can tutor you anywhere via Remote Support
  • Network Creation and Administration – Matt can manage your server remotely.
  • Custom-built Computers – For those people who love their hardware, Matt has just the thing!

A Few Of Our Clients