Rates and Fees

Rates and Zones Update January 1, 2017

Computer Repair – OnSite (At your home or business)

Matt’s Travel Zones – Red: $100/hr ~ Green – $125/hr ~ Aqua: $150/hr (minimum of 2.5 hours) ~ No color: $175/hr + Travel  + (minimum of 3 hours). All of these rates are prorated at half hour increments.

Remote Support / Phone Support (Over the Internet)

$1 per minute Remote Support and Phone Support  – A minimum of 15 minutes.
You are billed from the start of the phone call or session to the end of the phone call or session.  A credit card is required.

Web Services
  $1 per minute
If it takes 20 minutes to update your website, the cost is just $20. A minimum of 15 minutes. Also true for phone calls. A credit card is required.

After and Before Hours Prices (Holidays)

Normal hours are from 10am until 6pm EST, Monday thru Friday.

From 6am until 10am and 6pm until 11pm as well as any time on Saturday or
Sunday (or Holiday) the rates are the following:

Remote Support and Phone Support is $2 per minute.
On-site increases by $50 more per hour – see map above.

Rates change yearly.